Metal Flexible Wire Brush Hand Sink Cleaning Hook

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 Clean kitchen bathroom toilet pipes, to remove the hair and dirt in the pipes. Made of Stainless Steel, can be a flexible and durable, useful tool Bendable design more flexible. 

  • PRODUCT : Metal Flexible Wire Brush Hand Sink Cleaning Hook, Sewer Dredging Device, Snake Drain Cleaner, Spring Pipe Dredging Tool, Drain Opener, Drain Clog Remover, Spring Pipe Dredging Claw Opener Tool for Sewer Kitchen Sink Toilet Clogged Drains by BHINDERS
  • Sink Cleaning Hook
  • Sewer Dredging Device
  • Snake Drain Cleaner Sticks
  • Spring Pipe Dredging Tool
  • Drain Opener
  • Drain Clog Remover
  • Product categories: sewer dredge
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: Approx 60cm

Well Designed

Head grip design makes it easy for you to grab garbage, the bottom is polished smoothly, so it won't damage sewers, and it's controlled by a spring-loaded grip for better garbage controlWith a 60cm length, it can easily go deep into the drain and remove any debris and clogs, allowing the drain to flow smoothly.

Save your Time & Money

Save your money by eliminating the need for expensive plumber services with this simple,easy-to-use, and affordable drain cleaning toolThe Metal Claw tool picks up magnetic and nonmagnetic parts. Drain snake is an extremely useful tool in all kinds of situations.


Bendable & Flexible

The flexible metal tube has high flexibilityresistance to bend, allowing it to be bent freely. Makes this grabber toolaccessible to all narrow places that are difficult to reach. Users can onlygrasp blockages by pressing the top of the clog remover's handle.


Tight Gripper

With a four-clawretractable grip, the Drain Snake tool can be used to grab anything underneaththe couch or down a vent, including hair, food, and garbageMoreenvironmentally friendly and less expensive than toxic chemical drain cleaners.

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