1-What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Answer= As Shipping is Free, So we use most affordable Shipping Method for our convenience, For any Fast delivery You can Pay for extra Shippng costs.


2-How Long Will it Take To Get My Package?

Answer= Normally, 5-7 working days for any Order delivery.


3-How Do I Track My Order?

Answer=Sorry with Free Shipping no tracking Available, but if you desire for TCS or any other Fast delivery method, We can arrange Track id.

4-Do I Need A Account To Place Order?

Answer= At SabaGee - We Offer "Quick order Form" So you can place Order without any Account or lengthy Forms to fill. Just Place order as your ease.

5-I want Corporate & Bulk Inquiries?

Answer= Yes, We offer Bulk & Corporate Orders. Contact at Whatsapp +923134443345 for Further discussion with your inquiry.